What Is Involved When Rebuilding An Automobile Engine Or Transmission?

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There are multiple reasons that may lead you to an engine rebuild. Some of the most common include excessive oil clearances – when you have a low oil pressure or you notice an awful knock coming from the engine -, excessive oil consumption – although you have no oil leaks, the motor oil keeps getting lost, or loss of compression – when you have a hard time to start the engine, when it runs rough, or when there is a lack of power. 

In case you’re considering an engine rebuild, you need to make sure you evaluate your car to see if it’s worth it. However, it is always a personal choice. While when you have a more than 20 year old car with over 300,000 miles, this can be an easier choice, if the car is 10 years and has 200,000 miles it can be a lot harder to know if it is worth to do an engine rebuild.

And what about transmission rebuilds? 

One thing is for sure: The original transmission of your car works in perfect harmony with the engine. The transmission is one of the most intricate systems that include different rings and gears. Although it may seem a better idea to replace the transmission for a new one, the truth is that usually, the best option you have is to actually have a transmission rebuild. Most manufacturers don’t even sell new transmissions. The ones they are selling as new are, in fact, transmission rebuilds. 

Whenever you notice a problem in your engine or transmission, the first thing you need to do is to make sure about the exact problem your car is having. Hiring transmission services that will diagnose the problem that you are having is step one. After that, you can make a better and more informed decision. 

In what concerns engine rebuilds, you do have several options, depending on the problems that your engine is showing. It can cost you more or less depending on the rebuilt that needs to be made. 

For example, the most affordable engine rebuild includes a ring and valve job. This is usually what needs to be done in case your car is burning oil or if it has lost compression in one or more cylinders. In this kind of rebuild, all the parts that are still good aren’t replaced. And this is why this is the most affordable service. 

The most expensive engine rebuild implies changing all the parts of the engine, regardless of their condition. 

No matter if you notice any symptom on your car regarding the engine or transmission, make sure that you take the time to check your brake pads as well as they are usually easily worn out. In case that you need, just ask for a brake repair. The costs are extremely low and it will allow you to drive safely.